Tools and Platforms For Freelancers

Freelancers need various tools and platforms in order to be successful. These may include project management tools, time tracking software, communication apps and software that helps manage invoices and payments.

Paymo provides freelancers with tools that aid with time management, with flexible invoicing options and a desktop app to easily track work hours.


Todoist is an all-in-one productivity tool that assists both individuals and teams in getting more done. With features like automatic data backup, customizable dashboard, Karma (KarmaPoints/levels system), multiple platforms availability, Karma reward points system etc… Todoist provides everything one needs for improving productivity!

Organise your tasks using labels and filters to easily identify which tasks need your attention. Set reminders for important deadlines via Todoist’s recurring due dates feature, or utilize its Kanban board feature for visualizing and prioritizing work.

Quick Add is a keyboard-only task management feature that makes adding tasks easier when they have long descriptions or are complex, and allows for customized layouts suited to your workflow. In addition, emails sent as comments on tasks can be forwarded directly back to them so team members can discuss details without disrupting work. Todoist offers free plans up to 20 users.


Harvest is an online solution for tracking time and invoicing clients that makes tracking project profitability and productivity simpler, creating invoices easily, and providing multiple reports. It features an intuitive time tracking interface as well as invoicing tools and reports.

Software for Timetracking can be downloaded onto iOS and Android mobile devices, Mac or Windows desktops and web browsers – it even supports offline access so the user can record time without being connected, with their data synching automatically when they regain connectivity again.

Users can gain an accurate view of their team’s performance with a customizable dashboard. Users can see which members are meeting client deadlines on time, when there may be delays, or which have the most unbilled hours. Furthermore, this software enables users to color-code tasks and projects.

With its robust invoicing feature, you can import billable hours directly into an invoice and make it easy for clients to pay online. Plus, its integration with top accounting programs like QuickBooks and Xero means no manual transfer of information between systems is required!


Hootsuite is a social media management tool with numerous features, such as unified messaging, autoresponders and saved replies. In addition, Hootsuite provides a centralized content library where visual assets can be managed easily – with customizable tags, notes and expiration dates attached for easy use. Furthermore, advanced analytics and customizable reporting provide powerful analysis.

OwlyWriter AI writer, built-in templates, and collaboration tools make creating posts much simpler on this platform. Adobe Stock and Canva support further streamline this process of producing high-quality visual content creation while its unified social inbox lets you monitor all direct messages across all social profiles in one central place.

Hootsuite offers four pricing editions, from $99 to $739. Their comprehensive customer service options include an extensive knowledge base, live chat support and email. In addition, there is community forums and dedicated account management – offering tailored assistance – as well as community forums and dedicated account management who provide tailored assistance. Their Feature Library stores pre-approved images and videos ready to post later while their Streams feature lets you monitor multiple accounts or keywords at the same time, providing valuable social media data in a customizable dashboard format.


Trello is a visual project management tool with several features to streamline and prioritize tasks. Users can organize projects into boards, with each board hosting multiple task groups (lists) and subgroups (cards).

Users can assign members and cards with due dates to help teams keep track of who’s working on what and when. Trello supports commenting and discussion among team members with time-stamped and threaded comments for easy reference. Furthermore, Trello allows team members to collaborate with external contractors or clients via invitation links or emails.

Trello’s Timeline View is one of its most useful features, showing tasks and deadlines on a calendar format. Available only to Business Class and Enterprise pricing plans, it allows users to visually track progress across projects while keeping an overview of them all.

Trello provides four pricing plans designed to fit different users’ needs: free is best suited for individuals and small businesses; Standard and Premium plans offer more features designed for larger organizations; Power-Ups allow users to personalize the platform further and increase productivity.


Slack is a communication platform designed to streamline in-person and remote work. Teams can communicate more efficiently than email or text, adhering to proper communication etiquette with each other and with other teams through Slack channels – private ones for small groups, as well as public ones allowing team members to stay informed on project progress or updates from across their organizations.

Slack offers many features that enhance its productivity, such as its ability to automatically remind users of important tasks via the app or direct messages. Furthermore, users can customize notification preferences according to sound or color – ideal for teams working across locations.

Slack offers both a free version of its software as well as three premium tiers – Pro, Business+ and Enterprise+ plans – which provide additional features, such as searchable messages and file storage limitations and integrations with third-party apps. Furthermore, Pro plans allow additional searchable messages, file storage limitations, integrations with third-party apps as well as video and voice calls for up to 100 people simultaneously and the ability to add huddles directly into channels or direct messages.


Hello Bonsai is an innovative cloud-based business management tool designed to assist freelancers with proposal creation, invoicing, client management and time tracking. The user-friendly interface makes Hello Bonsai simple for freelancers to navigate and manage their freelance businesses; plus it features a client portal where clients can access documents and make payments directly.

Bonsai offers numerous templates and contracts, such as ones for digital marketing, consulting and design services that can be customized to suit individual projects and clients. Furthermore, its invoice creation and management features enable automated billing that saves both time and resources.

One feature available to freelancers is the capability of automating workflows based on specific triggers, such as signing a contract or scheduling an appointment. This can help them save time and boost productivity.

Bonsai offers an easy, 0% fees business bank account that automatically sorts income for tax filing, tracks receipts and calculates write-offs; users can use it to keep track of expenses as well as create reports. In addition, Bonsai provides a free trial period so newcomers can get up and running without incurring fees right away.


Kontentino is a social media management tool designed to streamline post creation and approval workflows for agencies, brands and freelancers. With an intuitive interface that makes collaboration with clients and colleagues simple. Features include post calendars, post templates and social media monitoring tools – plus free trials as well as flexible pricing plans!

Kontentino offers more than social media scheduling: it also has a feature to help you create a storyboard for Instagram posts, making sure they’re flawless before publishing them – an effective way of saving both time and stress.

Agorapulse is another excellent alternative to Kontentino that serves as an all-in-one platform for scheduling and content creation, supporting numerous platforms including TikTok and YouTube. It features engagement tools such as social inbox management and Google Business Profile review management; as well as its Facebook ads planner for easy campaign management and creation. Pricing begins at just $49/month which makes it considerably less expensive than Kontentino paid plans.


Ahrefs is an innovative SEO tool with multiple features to assist businesses with optimizing their websites for better search engine results. This tool can be used for keyword research, backlink analysis and content performance review analysis; in addition to tracking website rankings and identifying organic traffic growth opportunities.

Ahrefs offers businesses valuable insights into their competitors’ SEO strategies and allows them to make data-driven decisions based on this intelligence. With its tools, businesses can increase keyword ranking, organic traffic and visibility for increased conversion rates and search engine visibility resulting in higher conversions rates.

Ahrefs offers businesses three plans tailored to their individual needs in order to use its services effectively. Each plan varies in terms of features and pricing; some plans even come equipped with Power user features for increased functionality.

Ahrefs can save businesses both time and money while improving their search engine optimization (SEO) results. Furthermore, it can detect content gaps and open up new link-building opportunities. Its Rank Tracker tool allows users to track keywords they’re targeting while its Content Explorer lets them discover articles with similar topics.

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