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In the realm of online marketing, email remains one of the most potent tools for engaging audiences and driving conversions. Among the myriad of email marketing strategies, using viral mailer platforms stands out as a unique and effective method to reach a vast audience quickly. In this article, I’ll delve into the world of viral mailer platforms, explaining how they work, why they are beneficial, and how you can leverage them to make money online.

1. Understanding Viral Mailer Platforms

What Are Viral Mailer Platforms?

Viral mailer platforms are online services that allow members to send promotional emails to a large list of other members. These platforms often operate on a credit-based system where users earn credits by reading emails from others, which they can then use to send their own emails.

How Do They Work?

The concept is simple: you read and click on emails sent by other members to earn credits. You then use these credits to send your own emails to the list. This creates a cycle of email exchanges, where everyone benefits by gaining exposure for their promotions.

2. The Benefits of Using Viral Mailer Platforms

Wide Reach

Viral mailer platforms can help you reach thousands of potential customers quickly, amplifying your message far and wide.


Compared to traditional advertising methods, viral mailers are often much cheaper. Many platforms offer free membership options, allowing you to start without any upfront cost.

Engaged Audience

Members of viral mailer platforms are typically marketers themselves, which means they are more likely to engage with your content and offers.

3. Choosing the Right Viral Mailer Platform

Evaluating Platform Features

When selecting a viral mailer platform, consider factors such as user base size, credit earning system, and additional features like ad tracking and click statistics.

Popular Platforms

  • Organic Prospects
  • ViralURL
  • MyLeadGenSecret
  • InfinityTrafficBoost
  • LeadsGorilla

4. Viral Mailer Platforms: Organic Prospects, ViralURL, MyLeadGenSecret and InfinityTrafficBoost

Organic Prospects

1. Is there a free test period?

No, Organic Prospects does not offer a free test period. However, they provide a detailed overview of their services and features on their website to help potential users make an informed decision before subscribing.

2. What are the costs?

Organic Prospects offers a monthly subscription model. The cost is $39 per month. They also occasionally run promotions which may reduce the initial cost for new subscribers.

3. What purposes of use is it appropriate for?

  • Email Marketing: Organic Prospects is primarily used for email marketing, allowing users to send emails to a large list of subscribers.
  • Lead Generation: The platform helps users generate leads by providing access to a list of prospects who have opted in to receive marketing emails.
  • Traffic Generation: By sending targeted emails, users can drive traffic to their websites, landing pages or offers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Marketers can promote affiliate products to the email list, potentially earning commissions from sales made through their referrals.


1. Is there a free test period?

Yes, ViralURL offers a free membership option, which allows users to test some of the platform’s basic features. This can be a good way to get a feel for how the service works before committing to a paid plan.

2. What are the costs?

  • ViralURL offers multiple pricing tiers:
    • Free Membership: Limited access to the platform’s features.
    • Silver Membership: $9.95 per month.
    • Gold Membership: $14.95 per month.
    • Platinum Membership: $19.95 per month.
    • Each tier offers additional features and increased mailing capabilities, making it scalable depending on your needs.

3. What purposes of use is it appropriate for?

  • Link Cloaking and Tracking: ViralURL provides link cloaking and tracking services, allowing users to track clicks and conversions.
  • Email Marketing: Users can send emails to a large network of members to promote their offers.
  • Traffic Exchange: ViralURL allows members to earn credits by viewing other members’ emails and ads, which can then be used to promote their own links and offers.
  • List Building: The platform helps users build their email lists by offering their services and promotions to a wide audience.


1. Is there a free test period?

No, MyLeadGenSecret does not offer a free test period. However, they provide a money-back guarantee for new subscribers, allowing them to test the service risk-free for a limited time.

2. What are the costs?

MyLeadGenSecret costs $30 per month. Additionally, there is a one-time setup fee of $30 when you first sign up, making the initial cost $60 for the first month and $30 for each subsequent month.

3. What purposes of use is it appropriate for?

  • Lead Generation: As the name suggests, MyLeadGenSecret specializes in providing daily leads to its users. Each user receives 100-200 leads per day, which can be used for email marketing and other promotional activities.
  • Email Marketing: Users can send emails to the leads provided by MyLeadGenSecret using their built-in mailing system.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The platform is suitable for promoting affiliate offers to the leads generated through the service.
  • Traffic Generation: By using the leads to drive traffic to their websites or offers, users can increase their visibility and potential sales.


1. Is there a free test period?

InfinityTrafficBoost does offer a limited free access period where new users can test out some of the platform’s features. This allows potential users to get a feel for how the service works and see the potential benefits before committing to a paid plan.

What are the costs?

InfinityTrafficBoost operates on a pay-as-you-go model with multiple pricing tiers, making it flexible depending on your needs and budget.

  • Free Membership: Basic access with limited features.
  • Paid Memberships: Various levels ranging from $10 to $1,000. These levels are referred to as “Booster Levels,” with higher levels offering more traffic credits and additional benefits.
  • Traffic Packs: Users can also purchase traffic packs separately to boost their campaigns.

What purposes of use are they appropriate for?

Traffic Generation: InfinityTrafficBoost is primarily designed for generating targeted traffic to your websites, landing pages, or affiliate offers. This can help increase visibility and drive potential customers to your online assets.

Ad Promotion: Users can promote their ads within the platform to reach a broader audience. This is particularly useful for affiliate marketers and business owners looking to boost their online presence.

Lead Generation: By driving traffic to opt-in pages or lead capture forms, users can effectively grow their email lists and generate new leads for their business.

SEO and Backlinking: Increased traffic can positively impact your website’s SEO, improving search engine rankings and generating valuable backlinks.

Income Opportunities: InfinityTrafficBoost also offers a unique income opportunity through its affiliate program, where users can earn commissions by referring others to the platform.


InfinityTrafficBoost provides a versatile platform for generating targeted traffic and promoting your online business. Whether you are a beginner looking to increase your website’s visibility or an advanced marketer seeking to boost your ad campaigns, InfinityTrafficBoost offers flexible pricing and a range of features to meet your needs. The availability of a free test period allows you to explore the platform’s potential before making a financial commitment.


1. Is there a free test period?

LeadsGorilla does not offer a traditional free test period. However, they often provide detailed demonstrations and walkthroughs of their platform. Additionally, there might be promotional offers or money-back guarantees available that can help you test the service with minimal risk.

2. What are the costs?

  • LeadsGorilla offers a one-time purchase model with various pricing tiers depending on the features and level of access you require:
    • Basic Plan: Typically starts at around $37. This includes access to the core features of LeadsGorilla.
    • Pro Plan: Often priced at $47, offering additional features like advanced lead searches and more comprehensive reporting tools.
    • Agency Plan: Designed for agencies needing extensive lead generation capabilities and team collaboration tools. This plan may cost around $67 or more.
    • Note: Prices can vary based on promotions, updates, and additional features. It’s advisable to check the latest pricing on their official website or during special promotions.

3. What purposes of use is it appropriate for?

  • Lead Generation: LeadsGorilla specializes in finding and generating high-quality leads from various sources, including Google My Business and Facebook. It’s designed to streamline the process of identifying potential clients for your business.
  • Local Business Targeting: Particularly effective for agencies and businesses targeting local markets. LeadsGorilla can find leads in specific geographic locations, making it ideal for local SEO and marketing services.
  • Client Outreach: The platform provides tools to help users create and manage outreach campaigns, including email templates and automation features. This makes it easier to contact and convert leads.
  • Market Analysis: LeadsGorilla offers insights and analytics on leads, including their online presence and marketing needs. This helps users tailor their approach to each lead, increasing the chances of successful conversions.
  • Sales Optimization: By providing detailed reports and lead scores, LeadsGorilla helps users prioritize leads and focus on those most likely to convert, optimizing sales efforts and increasing efficiency.


Each of these viral mailer platforms offers unique features and benefits tailored to different aspects of online marketing. Organic Prospects, ViralURL, and MyLeadGenSecret can all be powerful tools for lead generation, email marketing, and traffic generation, depending on your specific needs and budget.

LeadsGorilla is a powerful tool for businesses and marketing agencies looking to enhance their lead generation and client outreach efforts. While it does not offer a traditional free trial, the platform’s comprehensive features and one-time purchase model provide a cost-effective solution for generating high-quality leads. Whether you’re targeting local businesses, optimizing your sales process, or looking to streamline your client outreach, LeadsGorilla offers valuable resources to help you achieve your goals

Whether you are looking to test a new platform with a free membership or are ready to invest in a comprehensive email marketing solution, these platforms provide valuable resources to help you achieve your marketing goals.

5. Integrating Viral Mailer Platforms with Other Marketing Strategies

Holistic Approach

Combine your viral mailer efforts with other marketing strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO for a holistic approach.


Use your viral mailer platform to drive traffic to your blog, social media pages, or other promotional channels, creating a synergistic effect.


Viral mailer platforms offer a unique and effective way to make money online through email marketing. By understanding how these platforms work, choosing the right one, crafting compelling emails, and integrating your efforts with broader marketing strategies, you can maximize your reach and conversions. While there are challenges to navigate, the potential rewards make it a worthwhile endeavor for any online marketer.


How do I avoid my emails being marked as spam?

Follow best practices like using a professional email address, avoiding spammy language, including an unsubscribe link, and regularly cleaning your email list.

Can I use multiple viral mailer platforms simultaneously?

Yes, using multiple platforms can help you reach a broader audience and increase your exposure.

What types of offers work best on viral mailer platforms?

Offers that provide clear value, such as exclusive discounts, free resources, or compelling information, tend to perform well on viral mailer platforms.

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